Do Homes with Curb Appeal Sell for More?

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The answer to the question, "Do homes with strong curb appeal sell for more?" is YES! According to The Real Deal - New York Real Estate News website, a new analysis of data from 90,000 homes and Google Street View determined that outside attractiveness yielded on average 7% more money for home sellers. The findings revealed that if it is a strong buyer’s market the average doubled to 14% more.

The study characterized homes with blemishes, like overgrown grass and unkept outdoor areas, and found that they had low curb appeal while those with well-kept lawns and nice landscaping had high curb appeal. Most home buyers start their searches online. Tools such as Google Street View help to attract buyers to a home. Today’s consumers have the ability to check out curb appeal and entire neighborhoods by cruising the streets online.

In warmer areas such as San Diego, outdoor spaces are extensions of our homes. Don't stop at the front yard, as backyards are highly desirable due to the wonderful weather all year long.

I always find that "clean" sells a home both inside and out. If you are able to clean up debris, cut the grass, trim the shrubs, add a new doormat and a couple of strategically placed plants this will truly help in the home selling process. Think of it as getting your home “Selfie Ready!”


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